2020 Speaker notes and videos

As a thank you for attending our inaugural Cultivate Conference 2020, we’re offering you free access to each speaker session to go back and refresh your memory and ensure you’re on the right track for business success.

Malcolm Smith

True leadership is about developing a business environment that creates wealth. Recap how to do this with Malcolm Smith.

Brad Waldron

Ensure you’re being effective in your work by hearing Brad Waldron discuss his take on the 7 Habits For Highly Effective Leaders.

Ross McMahon

Relive the motivational story of Ross McMahon, the dairy farmer who bought a company from Heinz for just £1.

Jane Lane

Relisten to the inspiring story of Jane Lane and how her family diversified into the exceptional Gloucester and Tebay services.

Ben Eagle Interviews Cultivate Speakers

We invited Ben Eagle to Cultivate Conference 2020 to report on, and interview our fantastic speakers.

Catch a glimpse of what they had to say.

Catch more of what Ben has to say on Twitter and also on his website.